Peziza gamundiae
Coll. MES-3507
Coll. MES-3507
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Peziza gamundiae Pfister, Caiafa & M.E. Smith, Darwiniana, 10 (1): 166 (2022).


Basionym Peziza gamundiae Pfister, Caiafa & M.E. Smith, Darwiniana, 10 (1): 166 (2022).

Diagnosis This species is most similar to P. oliviae in spore size, 17-21 × 8-9 μm (in P. gamundiae) vs. 15.5-24 × 9-5-12 μm (in P. oliviae), asci J+ with lateral walls bluing and bluing intensely at the tip forming a stained cap-like structure. Peziza gamundiae has a shorter stipe and does not occur under water, as does P. oliviae.

Type MES 3507 (SGO) - holotypus

MycoBank 843798


Pfister D.H., Healy R., Furci G., Mujic A., Nouhra E., Truong C., Caiafa M.V., Smith M.E. 2022. A reexamination and realignment of Peziza sensu lato (Pezizomycetes) species in southern South America. Darwiniana, 10 (1): 148-177.

Classification Pezizaceae, Peziza

CreatedDate 14.06.2022.

UpdatedDate 14.06.2022.

Peziza gamundiae

 Typus  <1950  1950→1980  >1980

Detail der Sammlungen
[CL] Angol
Fundo Rucalemu
04/10/2019, leg. M.E. Smith & M. Caiafa
MES 3507 (SGO)
[CL] Curarrehue
Villarrica National Park, Puesco
14/10/2019, leg. M.E. Smith & M. Caiafa
F-66017 (FLAS)