Pachyphlodes brunnea
Coll. ITCV 896
Coll. ITCV 896
© G. Guevara

Pachyphlodes brunnea Guevara, Piña Páez & Healy, MycoKeys, 82: 164 (2021).


Basionym Pachyphlodes brunnea Guevara, Piña Páez & Healy, MycoKeys, 82: 164 (2021).

Diagnosis Pachyphlodes brunnea is be recognized by the dark brown ascomata and two-layered. Thick (474–570 μm) peridium, white gleba when immature, spores ornamented with capitate columns, growing under Quercus and with an odor similar to raw potatoes.

Type ITCV 896 - holotypus

MycoBank 835665


Piña-Páez C., Healy R.A., Guevara G., Garibay Orijel R., Castellano M.A., Cazares E., Trappe J.M. 2021. Greetings from belowground: two new species of truffles in the genus Pachyphlodes (Pezizaceae, Pezizales) from México. MycoKeys, 82: 159-171.

Classification Pezizaceae, Pachyphlodes

CreatedDate 26.01.2022.

UpdatedDate 26.01.2022.

Pachyphlodes brunnea

 Typus  <1950  1950→1980  >1980

Detail der Sammlungen
[MX] Ciudad Victoria
Torre de Microondas “Las Mulas”
11/11/2006, leg. G. Guevara
896 (ITCV)