Octosporopsis erinacea
Coll. KH2017-1-16-02
Coll. KH2017-1-16-02
© Z. Egertová

Octosporopsis erinacea Egertová & Döbbeler, Mycol. Progress, 17 (1-2): 104 (2017).


Basionym Octosporopsis erinacea Egertová & Döbbeler, Mycol. Progress, 17 (1-2): 104 (2017).

Diagnosis Differs from all other species of bryophilous Pezizales by the following combination of characters: apothecia very small, pale yellow to almost colourless, without a rim, setose; excipulum with textura angularis; asci usually 8-spored; ascospores ellipsoid, delicately rough; superficial and internal, intracellular mycelium present, consisting of thick and thick-walled hyphae with appressoria and often mycelial haustoria; parasitic on thalli of Dumortiera hirsuta.

Type SAR KH2017–1–20-01 - holotypus

MycoBank 822433


Egertová Z., Döbbeler P., Sochor M. 2017. Octosporopsis erinacea and Octospora kelabitiana (Pezizales) – two new hepaticolous ascomycetes from Borneo. Mycol. Progress, 17 (1-2): 103-113. 

Classification Pyronemataceae, Octosporopsis

CreatedDate 29.04.2018.

UpdatedDate 29.04.2018.

Octosporopsis erinacea
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