Octospora pannosa
Coll. 2018-01-10
Coll. 2018-01-10
© D. Savić

Octospora pannosa T. Richter, M. Vega & D. Savić, Herzogia, 31 (2): 1001 (2018).


Basionym Octospora pannosa T. Richter, M. Vega & D. Savić, Herzogia, 31 (2): 1001 (2018).

Diagnosis Octospora pannosa differs from other species of Octospora by its broadly ellipsoid ascospores with a unique ornamentation of both ridges and ± elongated warts together with an infection on the stems, leafs and rhizoids of its host Brachytheciastrum velutinum.

Type HBG-024608 - holotypus

MycoBank 828520


Vega M., Richter T., Savić D., Janošík L. 2018. Octospora pannosa sp. nov. – an attractive-spored species on the pleurocarpous moss Brachytheciastrum velutinum. Herzogia, 31 (2): 1000-1006.


Classification Pyronemataceae, Octospora

CreatedDate 16.01.2019.

UpdatedDate 16.01.2019.

Octospora pannosa
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[DE] Amt Gadebusch
28/12/2017, leg. T. Richter & M. Vega
024608 (HBG)
Source: Ascomycete.org
[RS] Paragovo
Fruška Gora Mt.
10/01/2018, leg. D. Savić

Source: Ascomycete.org