Octospora lilacina
Coll. MV20130922-01
Coll. MV20130922-01
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Octospora lilacina (Seaver) Svrček & Kubicka, Česká Mykol., 17 (2): 65 (1963).


Basionym Humarina lilacina Seaver, N. Amer. Cup-Fungi (Opercul.): 128 (1928).

Diagnosis Apothecia rather thickly gregarious or rarely with several in close contact but not usually congested, at first globose or subglobose, expanding and becoming subdiscoid, reaching a diameter of 0.5 mm. or rarely as large as 1 mm., reddish, with a decided lilac tinge; hymenium at first concave, finally plane or convex, the margin becoming indistinct, roughened by the protruding asci, the color similar to that of the outside of the apothecium; asci clavate or subclavate, reaching a length of 200 µ and a diameter of 15–17 µ, 8-spored; spores 1-seriate or becoming irregularly crowded, ellipsoid, usually containing one large often eccentric oil-drop half the diameter of the spore, 10 × 15–17 µ; paraphyses strongly enlarged above, septate, filled with coarse granules which are subhyaline or with a pale-lilac tinge.
On the ground which has been overrun with mosses and algae.

Type NYBG 00915327 - holotypus

MycoBank 335274


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Classification Pyronemataceae, Octospora

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UpdatedDate 20.01.2022.

Octospora lilacina

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