Octospora doebbeleri
Coll. PRM 954007
Coll. PRM 954007
© Z. Sochorová
Coll. PRM 954007
Coll. PRM 954007
Ascospores (in CB)
© J. Eckstein

Octospora doebbeleri Sochorová & Eckstein, Sydowia, 73: 239 (2021).


Basionym Octospora doebbeleri Sochorová & Eckstein, Sydowia, 73: 239 (2021).

Diagnosis Differs from known species of Octospora by the following combination of characters: apothecia with a thin margin, ellipsoid to narrowly ellipsoid, binucleate ascospores ornamented with isolated warts, and infections on rhizoids of Dicranoweisia cirrata.

Type PRM 954007 - holotypus

MycoBank 836340


Sochorová Z., Eckstein J., Sedlářová M., Sochor M. 2021. Octospora doebbeleri, a new bryophilous species on Dicranoweisia cirrata. Sydowia, 73: 233-244.

Classification Pyronemataceae, Octospora

CreatedDate 14.04.2021.

UpdatedDate 14.04.2021.

Octospora doebbeleri

 Typus  <1950  1950→1980  >1980

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[CZ] Hamr na Jezeře
Děvín a Ostrý
25/12/2019, leg. Z. Sochorová & M. Sochor
954007 (PRM)
Source: Ascomycete.org