Myrmecocystis microspora
Coll. AH 46367
Coll. AH 46367
© J. Cabero

Myrmecocystis microspora Cabero, F. García & P. Alvarado, Mycologia, 110 (2): 414 (2018).


Basionym Myrmecocystis microspora Cabero, F. García & P. Alvarado, Mycologia, 110 (2): 414 (2018).

Diagnosis Hypogeous, yellowish, lobed and opened, peridium and epithecium similar, hymenium forming discontinuous pockets, spores globose, 19–22 μm diam, found in Mediterranean Europe, probably associated with Corylus avellana.

Type AH 46367 - holotypus

MycoBank 822846


Alvarado P., Healy R., Moreno G., Cabero J., Scholler M., Schneider A., Vizzini A., Kaounas V., Vidal J.M., Hensel G., Rubio E., Mujic A., Smith M.E. 2018. Phylogenetic studies in Genabea, Myrmecocystis, and related genera. Mycologia, 110 (2): 401-418.

Classification Pyronemataceae, Myrmecocystis

CreatedDate 18.02.2019.

UpdatedDate 18.02.2019.

Myrmecocystis microspora
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Rio Cega
17/02/2013, leg. J. Cabero & F. García
46367 (AH)