Morchella tomentosa
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Coll. 2019-06-25
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Morchella tomentosa M. Kuo, Mycotaxon, 105: 441 (2008).


Basionym Morchella tomentosa M. Kuo, Mycotaxon, 105: 441 (2008).

Diagnosis Ascomata (40)50-120 mm alta; capitulum subconicum vel subcylindricum vel ovoideum; costae tomentosae, canae vel atrae, interdum pallescens; hymenium atrum, interdum pallescens; stipes tomentosus, ater, interdum pallescens; pili 100-400 × 7-28 µm; bruni in 2% KOH.
Holotypus. Biotopium in silvis coniferibus incensis; 1,200 m. altitudinis; USA, in Montanaense, ad Mineral County; S. Engstrom col.; MDCP 06150405; specimen typicum in Herb. F. conservatum.

Type MDCP 06150405 (F) - holotypus

MycoBank 511840


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Classification Morchellaceae, Morchella

CreatedDate 07.02.2022.

UpdatedDate 07.02.2022.

Morchella tomentosa

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[US] El Dorado County
Eldorado National Forest
16/06/2015, leg. V. Lekach

Source: Mushroom Observer
[US] Mt. Hood
Mount Hood National Forest
08/06/2018, leg. L. Bendlin

Source: Mushroom Observer