Morchella mediterraneensis
Coll. ANK Taşkın 98
Coll. ANK Taşkın 98
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Morchella mediterraneensis Taşkın, Büyükalaca & H.H. Doğan, Mycotaxon, 131: 469 (2016).


Basionym Morchella mediterraneensis Taşkın, Büyükalaca & H.H. Doğan, Mycotaxon, 131: 469 (2016).

Diagnosis Differs from Morchella snyderi, its reciprocally monophyletic sister species in the western United States, by distinctly smaller spores and young specimens with greenbluish tinges and dark ridges

Type ANK Taşkın 98 - holotypus

MycoBank 813585


Taşkın H., Büyükalaca S., Hansen K., O'Donnell K. 2012. Multilocus phylogenetic analysis of true morels (Morchella) reveals high levels of endemics in Turkey relative to other regions of Europe. Mycologia, 104 (2): 446-461. 
Taşkin H., Doğan H.H., Büyükalaca S., Clowez P., Moreau P.A., O'Donnell K. 2016. Four new morel (Morchella) species in the elata subclade (M. sect. Distantes) from Turkey. Mycotaxon, 131 (2): 215-221. 

Classification Morchellaceae, Morchella

CreatedDate 24.03.2018.

UpdatedDate 24.03.2018.

Morchella mediterraneensis

 Typus  <1950  1950→1980  >1980

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