Morchella kaibabensis
Coll. TAC 1376
Coll. TAC 1376
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Morchella kaibabensis Beug, T.A. Clem. & T.J. Baroni, Mycologia, 110 (6): 1208 (2018).


Basionym Morchella kaibabensis Beug, T.A. Clem. & T.J. Baroni, Mycologia, 110 (6): 1208 (2018).

Diagnosis Distinguished from other members of the Elata clade by phylogenetic analysis of combined TEF1, ITS, RPB1, and RPB2 sequences. Differing from the similar looking M. brunnea by a shorter, firm-fleshed stipe, and from M. snyderi, which it resembles and occurs in the same geographic location, but M. snyderi mostly produces ascomata in clusters, not singly as in M. kaibabnesis.

Type ARIZ AN043595 - holotypus

MycoBank 823939


Baroni T.J., Beug M.W., Cantrell S.A., Clement T.A., Iturriaga T., Læssøe T., Holgado Rojas M.E., Aguilar F.M., Quispe M.O., Jean Lodge D., O’Donnell K. 2018. Four new species of Morchella from the Americas. Mycologia, 110(6): 1205-1221.


Classification Morchellaceae, Morchella

CreatedDate 12.03.2020.

UpdatedDate 12.03.2020.

Morchella kaibabensis

 Typus  <1950  1950→1980  >1980

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[US] Coconino Co.
19/05/2016, leg. T. Clements
TAC 1376 
Source: Mushroom Observer
[US] Coconino Co.
Grand Canyon National Park
21/05/2017, leg. T. Clements & D.M. Fulton
AN043595 (ARIZ)