Lasiocupulina mediterranea
Coll. MV 180702-01
Coll. MV 180702-01
© M. Vega

Lasiocupulina mediterranea Van Vooren & M. Vega,, 10 (6): 221 (2018).


Basionym Lasiocupulina mediterranea Van Vooren & M. Vega,, 10 (6): 221 (2018).

Diagnosis Differs morphologically from the most similar Cupulina ascophanoides by its smaller ascospores, its fringed margin made of short, hyaline to light brown-yellow hairs, and its growth at a lower elevation.

Type MV180702-01 (HBG) - holotypus

MycoBank 828903


Van Vooren N., Vega M. 2018. Lasiocupulina mediterranea (Pezizales), a new genus and species from Albania., 10 (6): 221-227. 


Classification Pyronemataceae, Lasiocupulina

CreatedDate 19.01.2019.

UpdatedDate 19.01.2019.

Lasiocupulina mediterranea
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[AL] Vuno
Kanioni i Gjipesë
02/07/2018, leg. M. Vega
M.V. 180702-01 (HBG)