Helvella vespertina
Coll. JK 197596
Coll. JK 197596
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Helvella vespertina N.H. Nguyen & Vellinga, Mycologia, 105 (5): 1281 (2013).


Basionym Helvella vespertina N.H. Nguyen & Vellinga, Mycologia, 105 (5): 1281 (2013).

Diagnosis Voir description dans Nguyen et al. (2013)

Type UC 1999204 - holotypus

MycoBank 802330


Beug M., Bessette A.E., Bessette A.R. 2014. Ascomycete fungi of North America.
Nguyen N.H., Landeros F., Garibay-Orijel R., Hansen K., Vellinga E.S. 2013. The Helvella lacunosa species complex in western North America: cryptic species, misapplied names and parasites. Mycologia, 105 (5): 1275-1286.
Skrede I., Carlsen T., Schumacher T. 2017. A synopsis of the saddle fungi (Helvella: Ascomycota) in Europe – species delimitation, taxonomy and typification. 

Classification Helvellaceae, Helvella

CreatedDate 22.03.2018.

UpdatedDate 22.03.2018.

Helvella vespertina
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