Helvella pseudoreflexa
Coll. HKAS69751
Coll. HKAS69751
© Q. Zhao

Helvella pseudoreflexa Q. Zhao, Zhu L. Yang & K.D. Hyde, in Zhao et al., Phytotaxa, 239 (2): 135 (2015).


Basionym Helvella pseudoreflexa Q. Zhao, Zhu L. Yang & K.D. Hyde, in Zhao et al., Phytotaxa, 239 (2): 135 (2015).

Diagnosis Pileus has blunt ribs covering almost 1/2 of the receptacle surface, a whitish, undulate-rugose central hymenium, and a margin inflexed to the receptacle surface when young but expanded at maturity. Stipe possesses cross-veins and pockets. It is mainly distributed in deciduous forests.

Type HKAS 74311 - holotypus

MycoBank 816602


Zhao Q., Tolgor B., Zhao Y., Yang Z.L., Hyde K.D. 2015. Species diversity within the Helvella crispa group (Ascomycota: Helvellaceae) in China. Phytotaxa, 239 (2): 130-142. 

Classification Helvellaceae, Helvella

CreatedDate 22.03.2018.

UpdatedDate 22.03.2018.

Helvella pseudoreflexa
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