Hellenicoscyphus hyalotrichus
Coll. MSTR P-25024
Coll. MSTR P-25024
© V. Kaounas

Hellenicoscyphus hyalotrichus U. Lindem., Van Vooren & Kaounas, Ascomycete.org, 14 (2): 77 (2022).


Basionym Hellenicoscyphus hyalotrichus U. Lindem., Van Vooren & Kaounas, Ascomycete.org, 14 (2): 77 (2022).

Diagnosis Differs from Paratricharina poiraultii by the shape of the ascospores, the marginal hyaline hairs of the ascomata, the light brownish hymenium, and its genetic profile.

Type MSTR P-25024 - holotypus

MycoBank 843257


Lindemann U., Valencia F.J., Kaounas V., Kummer V., Van Vooren N. 2022. Paratricharina confusa sp. nov. and Hellenicoscyphus hyalotrichus gen. and sp. nov., two new tricharinoid discomycetes (Pezizales) from the Mediterranean basin. Ascomycete.org, 14 (2): 67-79.


Classification Pyronemataceae, Hellenicoscyphus

CreatedDate 25.04.2022.

UpdatedDate 14.06.2022.

Hellenicoscyphus hyalotrichus

 Typus  <1950  1950→1980  >1980

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[GR] Acharnes
05/02/2021, leg. V. Kaounas
P-25024 (MSTR)
Source: Ascomycete.org