Gyromitra venenata
Coll. MICH 352030
Coll. MICH 352030
© A. Dirks

Gyromitra venenata Hai J. Li, Z.H. Chen & Zhu L. Yang, Mycosystema, 39 (9): 1712 (2020).


Basionym Gyromitra venenata Hai J. Li, Z.H. Chen & Zhu L. Yang, Mycosystema, 39 (9): 1712 (2020).

Diagnosis Gyromitra venenata is characterized by its stipitate apothecia, cerebriform pileus with a reddish brown, dark reddish brown, brown to dark brown hymenium, a proportionally longer stipe in comparison to the diameter of the pileus, a well-differentiated ectal excipulum with palisade cells, subfusiform, ellipsoid to elongate ellipsoid, non-apiculate, weakly cyanophilic, finely verrucose, biguttulate ascospores (19−28×9.5−12μm) and occurrence in broad-leaved forests dominated by plants of Fagaceae.

Type HKAS 107322 - holotypus

MycoBank 835549


Li H.J., Chen Z.H., Cai Q., Zhou M.H., Chen G.J., Sun C.Y., Zhang H.S., Yang Z.L. 2020. Gyromitra venenata, a new poisonous species discovered from China. Mycosystema, 39 (9): 1706-1718.

Classification Discinaceae, Gyromitra

CreatedDate 21.08.2022.

UpdatedDate 21.08.2022.

Gyromitra venenata

 Typus  <1950  1950→1980  >1980

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[US] Crawford
22/05/2020, leg. A. Dirks
352030 (MICH)
Source: iNaturalist
[CN] Mohe
Lingfeng Nature Reserve
18/03/2012, leg. ?
107322 (HKAS)
[CN] Damiao
26/03/2020, leg. ?
107324 (HKAS)