Genea amici
Coll. LIP 0001165
Coll. LIP 0001165
© C. Lavoise

Genea amici Paz, Chautrand & Lavoise, Yesca, 28: 142 (2016).


Basionym Genea amici Paz, Chautrand & Lavoise, Yesca, 28: 142 (2016).

Diagnosis Ascomata subglobose, lobulate, grey-brown with reddish tone, covered by irregular and weakly pronounced pyramidal warts, with a conspicuous mycelial sheath at base; gleba labyrinthoid, with various chambers, with a hymenium in double palisade and in the opposite direction. Spores globose to subglobose, 22-24(-28) × 21-23(-26.5) μm (without ornamentation), Q ratio 1-1.2, with large conical warts usually digitate but occasionally truncate, 2-3.5 μm high, 5.5-7 μm wide at base.

Type LIP 0001165 - holotypus

MycoBank 818185


Paz A., Chautrand P., Lavoise C. 2016. Genea amici una especie nueva encontrada en Córcega. Yesca, 28: 139-150.

Classification Pyronemataceae, Genea

CreatedDate 26.01.2019.

UpdatedDate 26.01.2019.

Genea amici
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[FR] Bocognano
20/11/2014, leg. P. Chautrand
0001165 (LIP)