Genabea urbana
Coll. KR-M-0046679
Coll. KR-M-0046679
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Genabea urbana M. Scholler & Anja Schneid., in Alvarado et al., Mycologia, 110 (2): 412 (2018).


Basionym Genabea urbana M. Scholler & Anja Schneid., in Alvarado et al., Mycologia, 110 (2): 412 (2018).

Diagnosis Ascoma hypogeous, grayish brown, lobed, epithecium blackish, spores pale to yellowish, 33.5–40.5 × 22–26 μm, wall equatorially thickened, outer layer of spore ornamentation (perisoporium or ectosporium) with tiny perforations, not fracturing when mature.

Type KR-M-0046679 - holotypus

MycoBank 822844


Alvarado P., Healy R., Moreno G., Cabero J., Scholler M., Schneider A., Vizzini A., Kaounas V., Vidal J.M., Hensel G., Rubio E., Mujic A., Smith M.E. 2018. Phylogenetic studies in Genabea, Myrmecocystis, and related genera. Mycologia, 110 (2): 401-418.

Classification Pyronemataceae, Genabea

CreatedDate 19.02.2019.

UpdatedDate 19.02.2019.

Genabea urbana
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M-0046679 (KR)