Dingleya phymatodea
Coll. K(M) ? - type
Coll. K(M) ? - type
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Dingleya phymatodea (B.C. Zhang & Minter) Trappe, Castellano & Malajczuk, Austral. System. Bot., 5: 603 (1992).


Basionym Labyrinthomyces phymatodeus B.C. Zhang & Minter, Syst. Ascom., 7: 48 (1988).

Diagnosis Ab aliis subgeneris sui speciebus differt non solum quod habet ascomata verruculis induta conspicuis in quibus videantur lineae parallelae, sed etiam quod verruculi maiores quam in speciebus aliis sunt ascosporis ornamento.

Type  ? (K) - holotypus

MycoBank 359043


Læssøe T., Hansen K. 2007. Truffle trouble: what happened to the Tuberales? Mycological Research, 111: 1075-1099.
Trappe J.M., Castellano M.A., Malajczuk N. 1992. Australasian truffle-like Fungi, II. Labyrinthomyces, Dingleya and Reddellomyces gen. Nov. (Ascomycotina). Australian Systematic Botany, 5: 597-611.
Zhang B.C., Minter D.W. 1988. Two new species of Labyrinthomyces from New Zealand, with notes on the taxonomy of the genus. Systema Ascomycetum, 7: 45-55.

Classification Tuberaceae, Dingleya

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Dingleya phymatodea

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