Delastria supernova
Coll. IC14040711
Coll. IC14040711
© A. Paz & C. Lavoise

Delastria supernova A. Paz & C. Lavoise, Bol. Micol. FAMCAL, 8: 72 (2013).


Basionym Delastria supernova A. Paz & C. Lavoise, Bol. Micol. FAMCAL, 8: 72 (2013).

Diagnosis Ascomata globose, irregular, 1.5-3 cm wide, with protuberances. Cortex white very pubescent when young, then silky white with pinkish shades, not staining when bruised, smooth. Peridium cream white with light pink tones, thin, persistent when mature. Gleba hymenioid made of irregular whitish veins, stained light pink by mature spores. Asci subglobose to pyriform with short peduncle, measuring 105-130 × 65-90 μm, containing 1-3 elliptical to subglobose spores measuring 24-26 × 20-22 μm, reticulate-alveolate at first then aculeolate with 2-3 μm high spines.

Type IC14040711 (LIP) - holotypus

MycoBank 804699


Paz A., Lavoise C. 2013. Propuesta de dos nuevas especies de hongos hipogeos y una primera cita para la península Ibérica. Boletín Micológico de FAMCAL, 8: 71-86.
Paz A., Lavoise C., Chautrand P., Moreau P.A., Bellanger J.M. 2018. The genus Delastria (Pezizaceae), a worldwide revision., 10 (6): 229-243.

Classification Pezizaceae, Delastria

CreatedDate 26.01.2019.

UpdatedDate 26.01.2019.

Delastria supernova
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[ES] Cáceres
Parque nacional de Monfragüe
14/04/2007, leg. A. Paz
0001298 (LIP)
[ES] Foixà
12/12/1990, leg. J.M. Vidal
[ES] Rábano
29/09/2001, leg. F. García