Chorioactis geaster
Coll. 2013-01-06
Coll. 2013-01-06
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Chorioactis geaster (Peck) Kupfer, Bull. Torrey Bot. Club, 29 (3): 142 (1902).


Basionym Urnula geaster Peck, Rep. (Annual) New York State Mus. Nat. Hist., 46: 119 (1894).

Diagnosis Receptacle urceolate or cupulate, 1 to 2.5 inches broad, at length splitting into 4 to 6 rays, narrowed below into a stem-like base 3 to 5 lines thick, externally everywhere clothed with a dense velvety coat of slender, interwoven, minutely papillose brown hairs, flesh white ; hymenium white or whitish, .035 in. Thick ; asci very long, cylindrical, .03 in. Long ; spores uniseriate, oblong or oblong-fusiform, pointed at each end, colorless, .0025 to .003 in. Long, about .0006 broad, often containing a single large nucleus.
Ground. Austin, Texas. November. L. M. Underwood.

Type ex herb. Peck (NY) - lectotypus ?

MycoBank 328180


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Classification Chorioactidaceae, Chorioactis

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Chorioactis geaster

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