Determination Keys

This repositery contains keys to help in determination of species or groups of species. These keys are provided in PDF format. In some cases, this is a translation of an existing published key. The works proposed here are owned by their authors. Any reproduction of these works is subject to their permission.


02/19/2013 - Submitted by René Dougoud
Clé de détermination des espèces du genre Melastiza. Une clé des genres proches est aussi proposée.
01/30/2013 - Submitted by René Dougoud
Clé permettant la détermination des espèces carbonicoles obligatoires ou facultatives
01/30/2013 - Submitted by Jacques Fournier & Marc Stadler
This provisional key is proposed until a monographic treatment of the genus becomes available
01/23/2013 - Submitted by René Dougoud
2000 Pezizales

Discover the amazing world of Pezizales. This section provides a catalog of all known species belonging to this order, with pictures and distribution map. Click on the image to enter.


2000 Pezizales



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