Otidea saliceticola (Pezizales) a new species from the Italian Alps
20 Nov 2017 - By Carbone M., Cartabia M., Alvarado P.
Abstract: Otidea saliceticola, a species collected in arctic-alpine habitats of the Italian Alps, is proposed as new to science. The new species is supported by its morphology, genetic profile and ecology. A discussion on the affinities with members of the so-called “bufonia clade” is presented. Color pictures of both fresh and dried samples as well as microscopic features are provided
Content: As reported by Hansen & Olariaga (2015), species of Otidea (Pers.) Bonord. should be considered ectomycorrhizal, although still only few molecular ectomycorrhizal community studies have documented Otidea from root samples […]
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