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The next four persons that will subscribe to Ascomycete.org (any formula) will win a book among the following gifts:

  • Fungi Non Delineati, pars XVIII, by R. Dougoud “Contribution à la connaissance de quelques Discomycètes operculés rares ou méconnus”; value = 11 €
  • Special bulletin of the Société linnéenne de Lyon, dedicated to A. Ayel, with many articles dealing with ascomycetes; value = 10 €
  • Cahiers de la FMBDS, 2 vols., by N. Van Vooren “Contribution à la connaissance des Pézizales (Ascomycota) de Rhône-Alpes”; value = 42 €
  • Revised Synopsis of the Hyaloscyphaceae, by A. Raitviir; value = 25 €

The first one who subscribes can choose the gift he/she wants, and so and so. Be quick!

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