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Part 1/2 of Engler's Syllabus of Plant Families devoted to Ascomycota provides a thorough treatise of the world-wide morphological and molecular diversity of the fungal phylum Ascomycota.

Eds: Walter Jaklitsch, Hans-Otto Baral, Robert Lücking, H. Thorsten Lumbsch & Wolfgang Frey
2016. 13th edition, 322 pages, 8 figures, 16 coloured plates, 17 × 25 cm, 920 g
Language: English
ISBN 978-3-443-01089-8

The book can be ordered to the publisher Schweizerbart Science Publishers.
Please note that members of Ascomycete.org can order it at a reduced price, 109 € (instead of 119 €), including postage fees. Contact me for more information.

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