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Everybody knows this famous books series using the suffix “for Dummies” to press the didactic matter of the treated subject. The Code Decoded comes within this principle to provide a user’s guide promoting a better understanding of rules of the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants, published in 2012, after the Melbourne Congress in 2011. This book written by Nicholas Turland, botanist and vice-rapporteur of the last congress, attempts the hard exercise to offer to reader a simplified approach of this Code but accurate, in order to appropriate the main nomenclatural rules through their processes: how to name a taxon, how to designate a type, how to spell plant names, etc., illustrated by examples and advices to accompany the reader in the arcans of international laws in botany and mycology. Technical terms are also widely covered, as the history of the Code or how it is amended.

Such an editorial initiative must be welcomed and invite those, as taxonomists, who are confronted to nomenclatural problems and wish to be better equipped against them.
Book available in the Regnum Vegetabile collection, at Koeltz Scientific Books.

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