Geopyxis deceptiva
Geopyxis deceptiva X.H. Wang & K. Hansen, Mycologia, 108 (6): 1205 (2016).
Coll. 2010-05-08
Coll. 2010-05-08
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Taxonomic position: Pyronemataceae, Geopyxis

Basionym: Geopyxis deceptiva X.H. Wang & K. Hansen, Mycologia, 108 (6): 1205 (2016).

Diagnosis: See description.

Type: KH.04.37 (FH) - holotypus

Geopyxis vulcanalis (Peck) Sacc., sensu Seaver (1928).

Mycobank # 817841


Selected literature:
Seaver F.J. 1928. The North American Cup-Fungi (Operculates).
Wang X., Huhtinen S., Hansen K. 2016. Multilocus phylogenetic and coalescent-based methods reveal dilemma in generic limits, cryptic species, and a prevalent intercontinental disjunct distribution in Geopyxis (Pyronemataceae s. l., Pezizomycetes). Mycologia, 108 (6): 1189-1215.

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Distribution Map
Mushroom0 Type-collection Mushroom1 Collection after 1980 Mushroom2 Collection between 1940 and 1980 Mushroom3 Collection before 1940



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