Ochotrichobolus polysporus
Ochotrichobolus polysporus Kimbr. & Korf, Mycotaxon, 17: 326 (1983).
Coll. JOS 20101018.04
Coll. JOS 20101018.04
© J. Ormad
Asci and spores
Asci and spores
Coll. JOS 20101018.04
© J. Ormad

Taxonomic position: Ascodesmidaceae, Ochotrichobolus

Basionym: Ochotrichobolus polysporus Kimbr. & Korf, Mycotaxon, 17: 326 (1983).

Diagnosis: A Lasiobolo pilis septatis, a Trichobolo ascis operculatis, ab ambobus generibus pilis tantem ad marginem praesentibus et anteridibus ad bases pilorum formatis recedit.

Type: CUP 59844 - holotypus

Mycobank # 109126


Selected literature:
Kimbrough J.W., Korf R.P. 1983. Ochotrichobolus polysporus, a new genus and species of operculate discomycetes (Pezizales). Mycotaxon, 17: 325-330.

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Distribution Map
Mushroom0 Type-collection Mushroom1 Collection after 1980 Mushroom2 Collection between 1940 and 1980 Mushroom3 Collection before 1940



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