Morchella fekeensis
Morchella fekeensis H.H. Doğan, Taşkın & Büyükalaca, Mycotaxon, 131: 472 (2016).
Coll. ANK Taşkın 101
Coll. ANK Taşkın 101
© H. Taşkın

Taxonomic position: Morchellaceae, Morchella

Basionym: Morchella fekeensis H.H. Doğan, Taşkın & Büyükalaca, Mycotaxon, 131: 472 (2016).

Diagnosis: Differs from Morchella brunnea and M. snyderi, its reciprocally monophyletic sister species in the western United States, by its genealogical exclusivity in a multigene phylogenetic analysis and apparent endemism in Turkey

Type: ANK Taşkın 101 - holotypus

Mycobank # 813587


Selected literature:
Taşkın H., Büyükalaca S., Hansen K., O'Donnell K. 2012. Multilocus phylogenetic analysis of true morels (Morchella) reveals high levels of endemics in Turkey relative to other regions of Europe. Mycologia, 104 (2): 446-461.
Taşkin H., Doğan H.H., Büyükalaca S., Clowez P., Moreau P.A., O'Donnell K. 2016. Four new morel (Morchella) species in the elata subclade (M. sect. Distantes) from Turkey. Mycotaxon, 131 (2): 215-221.

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Distribution Map
Mushroom0 Type-collection Mushroom1 Collection after 1980 Mushroom2 Collection between 1940 and 1980 Mushroom3 Collection before 1940



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