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Trichophaea dougoudii
Trichophaea dougoudii Van Vooren,, 8 (5): 232 (2016).
Coll. NV 2015.08.13
Coll. NV 2015.08.13
© R. Dougoud
Coll. NV 2015.08.13 - Scale bars = 10 µm
© N. Van Vooren

Taxonomic position: Pyronemataceae, Trichophaea

Basionym: Trichophaea dougoudii Van Vooren,, 8 (5): 232 (2016).

Diagnosis: A Trichophaea woolhopeia differt sporis minus latis et majoribus atque habitatione alpina. Holotypus NV 2015.08.13 in herbario LY conservatus

Type: NV 2015.08.13 (LY) - holotypus

Mycobank # 818592


Selected literature:
Van Vooren N. 2016. Trichophaea dougoudii sp. nov. (Pezizales), un nouveau discomycète de l’étage alpin., 8 (5): 227-234.

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Distribution Map
Mushroom0 Type-collection Mushroom1 Collection after 1980 Mushroom2 Collection between 1940 and 1980 Mushroom3 Collection before 1940



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